Merge Mansion Spring Event 2022, Get Candy Lolly Bean

In our Merge Mansion Spring Event 2022, Get Candy Lolly Bean guide, we’re going to cover several pertinent details about the ongoing event. First, we’ll show you how to actually get into the event, followed by how to get the Candy Lolly Bean, which you’ll need quite a number of. Lastly, we’ll give you a list of all the rewards you can earn. So, let’s begin!

merge mansion spring event 2022 get candy lolly bean
Merge Mansion Spring Event 2022, Get Candy Lolly Bean

How to Enter Merge Mansion Spring Holiday Event 2022

To enter the 2022 Merge Mansion Spring Holiday event, you first need to be level 12 or above. If you’re not, you’d best get to grinding fast, since you “only” have until April 27th before the event wraps up. Not that the game will let you do anything fast without dropping some extra money, which I would strongly discourage you from doing, but whatever. Once you’re level 12, you should go to your garage and find the Spring Door, through which you can access the event. You might have to complete the first task from the event board before the door shows up. You can also just tap the event button in the main screen.

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How to Get Candy Lolly Bean in Merge Mansion

To get the Candy Lolly Bean in Merge Mansion for the 2022 Spring Holiday event, you’re gonna need Seed Packages. That is the third level of the Seed Sachet. When opened, Seed Packages drop one Cherry Tree seed, one Spring Flowers seed, and one Candy Lolly Bean, each of them level 1. Do keep in mind that you’re going to need quite a bit of Candy Lolly Beans during the event, since you’re going to need them to unlock several tasks. This includes Level 2 and Level 3 Candy Lollies. As an extra nuisance, these items seem to have exactly no use outside of the event.

Merge Mansion Spring Event Rewards

The rewards you’ll get in the Merge Mansion Spring Holiday 2022 event depend entirely on how many Spring Holiday Points you earn. See, every task you complete in the event reward you with a number of these points. Primary tasks usually drop one, while secondary tasks can grant you three or five, maybe more. There are twenty level of rewards to unlock, and here’s a list of them.

  1. 250 Coins
  2. 5 minutes of Unlimited Energy
  3. 500 Coins
  4. 5 minutes of Unlimited Energy
  5. 750 Coins
  6. Ursula’s Blue Card
  7. Booster Box Level 1
  8. Scissors
  9. Fancy Blue Chest Level 1
  10. Huge Time Skip Booster Level 4
  11. Booster Box Level 2
  12. 10 minutes of Unlimited Energy
  13. Fancy Blue Chest Level 1
  14. Scissors
  15. Colossal Time Skip Booster Level 5
  16. Ursula’s Blue Card
  17. Booster Box Level 3
  18. Boulton’s Lightning Card
  19. 50 Gems
  20. Cherry Tree Decoration
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    Candy Lolly at max level produce energy. So they do have a purpose.

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