Merge Mansion Picnic Memories, Snapshots Level 1-5

In our Merge Mansion Picnic Memories, Snapshots Level 1-5 guide we are going to show you how to get the Picnic Memories Snapshots in the Picnic Confusion event. It involves several different merge chains that you’ll have to get to their top levels. In a sense, the Snapshots are an end-game item of the event. Still, going in completely blind could end up with you being stuck and unable to get the Snapshots. That being the case, here’s what you need to do to obtain them.

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merge mansion picnic memories snapshots level 1-5
Merge Mansion Picnic Memories, Snapshots Level 1-5

How to Get Picnic Memories Merge Mansion Confusion Snapshots

To get the Picnic Memories Snapshots Level 1-5 in Merge Mansion Picnic Confusion, you first need to get a Picnic Basket from the Lit Firewood. Starting at Level 4, the Picnic Basket starts dropping Picnic Ingredients, Cutlery and Essentials. You need to get the Essentials up to Level 7 (Sunglasses > Flip Flops > Scarf > Bag > Hat > Tablecloth > Picnic Table). You also need to get the Cutlery to Level 7 (Basic Bamboo Cutlery > Bamboo Cutlery Set > Set with Holder > Stainless Steel Cutlery > Pocket Cutlery > Vintage Cutlery Set > Luxury Cutlery Set). As for the Ingredients, you need to get it to Level 6 (Raspberry > Cherry > Apple > Tomato and Cheese > Slice of Watermelon > Grazing Platter).

The next steps to get the Merge Mansion Picnic Confusion Picnic Memories Snapshots Level 1-5 is to fuel the Picnic Table with the Luxury Cutlery Set and the Grazing Platter. This creates the Prepared Picnic Table, which in turn drops Picnic Activities. Get that up to Level 5 (Flying Disc > Activity Journal > Kite > Ukulele > Instant Camera). At long last, you have the camera, and that drops the Level 1 Snapshots, aka the Picnic Memories. There are five levels in this merge chain: Snapshot > Snapshot Duo > Stack of Snapshots > Classic Framed Photo > Ornate Framed Photo. And there you have it; that’s the brutal series of merging that you have to go through before you can get the Picnic Snapshots. Clearing the board for all this can be challenging, so plan accordingly.

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