Merge Mansion Pool Toys, Casey & Skatie Flip Flops, Sign

In our Merge Mansion Pool Toys, Casey & Skatie Flip Flops, Sign guide, we’re going to explain how to complete the Casey and Skatie event, basically. Getting the Sign is the final step of the whole thing, but it’s going to be a long way. Hopefully, this article is going to help you out on this journey.

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merge mansion pool toys casey & skatie flip flops sign
Merge Mansion Pool Toys, Casey & Skatie Flip Flops, Sign

How to Get Pool Toys in Merge Mansion

To get Pool Toys in Merge Mansion, which are necessary to get the Casey and Skatie Flip Flops and Sign, you actually just need to play the event. You will eventually get the starting level of Pool Toys, the Beach Ball, fairly quickly. This shouldn’t be too much of a problem. What you do have to be aware of is that the maximum level of Pool Toys is now six, aka the Inflatable Dolphin. There used to be twelve, but now, the devs have cut it in half. Also, be sure to leave enough room for more items than you might think. Allow me to explain what I mean.

How to Get Casey & Skatie Flip Flops & Sign

To get the Casey and Skatie Flip Flops and Sign in Merge Mansion, you need level 6 Pool Toys. The merge sequence goes Beach Ball > Swimming Mattress > Inflatable Donut > Inflatable Crab > Inflatable Turtle > Inflatable Dolphin. From that point on, you can “feed” it Butterflies and Moths for them to drop the Flip Flops, the first level of the Casey and Skatie items. You can read more about the aforementioned insects in our Merge Mansion Butterfly Event guide. Point is, that’s why you’ll need more space to feed the Pool Toys.

Once you have the Flip Flops and know how to get more of them, you can start merging them until you reach the Sign. Unfortunately, the Sign is level twelve of the item. Here’s how the levels go: Flip-Flops > Roller Skates > Sunglasses > Sandals > Surfboard > Beach Towel > Swans > Pinwheel > White Surrender Flag > Skateboard > An Idol > Sign. Good luck on this journey!

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  1. K

    How do you feed the moth to the lvl 6 pool toy?

    1. J
      Janinne Gardner

      Just put the moth and the butterfly on the dolphin. It will show a line at the bottom showing you added one.

  2. M

    Why can’t I merge the 2 Beach balls I got from Event?

  3. R

    Can I sell the dolphins once I have the sign? Or will they be needed for something else?

  4. J

    How can I get the butterfly event and the casie and Saktie event? I didn’t have those yet. I can’t get the sign and been trying to figure how to unlock the event.

  5. Μαρια Φωτου

    Hi, how can i get seeds to create a tree??please helppp!!!

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