Merge Mansion Server Maintenance & Downtime

Merge Mansion is a very popular mobile game where you merge items together in order to solve various puzzles and advance the story. Of course, since it is a mobile game, it also requires an online connection – both on your and the servers’ end – in order to work. This means that, when the game’s servers are down – usually for maintenance, the game cannot be played. Usually, downtime like this is required to update the game with a new version that features bug fixes, as well as new content. If you are wondering if Merge Mansion is currently undergoing Server Maintenance and downtime, then this guide is here to help answer these queries. We are going to regularly update this article with the latest information, so this is going to be the most reliable place to check Merge Mansion’s status.

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Merge Mansion Server Maintenance & Downtime
Merge Mansion Server Maintenance & Downtime

Merge Mansion Downtime – Server Maintenance

As of today, Tuesday, September 13th, 2022, at 6 AM UTC, server maintenance is currently underway in Merge Mansion. This means that the game is going to be down for the next several hours. During this downtime period, you won’t be able to access and play the game. Likewise, another downtime is planned for the following day, Wednesday, September 14th, 2022, also at 6 AM UTC. This second downtime is going to be shorter than the first one. The purpose of these is to get the game updated with a new area, a new event, and other new content.

According to the developers, players can expect to see a special surprise in their inbox this Friday, September 16th, 2022.

When Will Merge Mansion Servers Be Up?

While we don’t have the exact time, Merge Mansion developers have said that we can expect to see the servers back up in a few hours. Since the downtime is starting at 6 AM UTC, this most likely won’t be more than four hours.

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    It’s Thursday 9/15/2023, and I still can’t access the game. What’s going on?!

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