Merge Mansion Sleigh 2022

If you’re having trouble getting the 2022 Merge Mansion Sleigh in the current Christmas Event, we’re here to help you. It’s pretty difficult to figure out how to get Santa’s Sleigh, because the “road” towards it is kinda unintuitive. That’s why, in this guide, we’ll show you how to get both Santa’s Empty Sleigh and, more importantly, the Full Sleigh. Let’s jump in!

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merge mansion sleigh 2022
Merge Mansion Sleigh 2022

How to Get Sleigh in Merge Mansion

To get Santa’s Sleigh in Merge Mansion in 2022, you’ll first have to get your hands on the first step of the Letter To Santa merge chain. To do that, you can either purchase the Letter Envelope for 240 Coins from the event store, or use Santa’s House until it finally drops what you need. The Letter Envelope is the penultimate step in the Letter to Santa chain, so it’s worth the investment. Either way, the Letter merge chain goes as follows: Fountain Pen > Blank Postcard > Written Postcard > Postcard Design > Letter Envelope (drops Fountain Pen) > Sealed Envelope. The final level drops Santa’s Empty Sleigh. That’s the first of two “forms” the Sleigh can take.

To get the second version of Santa’s Sleigh in Merge Mansion in 2022, called Santa’s Full Sleigh, you need to fuel the Empty Slay with the Overfull Gift Sack plus either an Elf Puppet or Mr. Antlers. The Full Sleigh drops Woolly Socks (which you need for Xmas Wreath), the Xmas Gift, and the Snow Globe (which is a rare drop). The Overfull Gift Sack drops from the Festive Gift Sack, which is level five of the Gift Wrapping merge chain. The Elf Puppet is level five of the Xmas Toys chain, and Mr. Antlers is level five of the Xmas Plushies chain. The first link of both of those chains drops from the Decorated Workshop, which is level 6 of the Santa’s Workshop chain (starts with Craft Supplies, which comes from Santa’s House).

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