Merge Mansion Christmas Event 2022

The 2022 Merge Mansion Christmas event is upon us, so players want to know what to expect content-wise. Well, that’s exactly what we’ll be covering in this guide. We’ll tell you how long the event is going to last and a general overview of the several smaller events making up the whole of the holiday celebrations in Merge Mansion.

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merge mansion christmas event 2022
Merge Mansion Christmas Event 2022

Christmas Season in Merge Mansion

The 2022 Christmas Season in Merge Mansion has begun on December 6th, and it will last for twenty-seven days and feature four separate events. The first one has already begun. You need to merge items on the Garage Board and thereby obtain Golden Ornaments. These, in turn, grant you points that you can use to unlock free rewards. Those of you that get the Golden Key will get even more rewards, including “one free energy refill every day and five extra Inventory slots for the time of the event.”

According to the announcement video, the second event, Setting Up Christmas, will revolve around Julius and Grandma decorating the whole place. In event #3, Maddie will be helping her granny to wrap presents, and in exchange, the old lady will share stories of the family’s Christmas traditions. And further decorating, including the graves.

The fourth and final event in the Merge Mansion 2022 Christmas season will be another garage cleanup kind of thing. Basically, you place items from the garage board onto a different board, and completing lines earns you rewards. According to the video, you should have sound and music on for extra effect. And that’s basically all we know at the moment. We’ll be sure to cover these events with further guides as necessary, aka if something turns out to be trickier than usual. So, stay tuned. We might have a guide that will help with your specific problem. For example, you might be having trouble with the Twig and the Christmas Tree or the Candy Cane.

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