FFXIV Archfiend Attire Coffer

While FF14 is by far known best for its expansive PvE mode which is adored by millions of fans all over the world, its PvP mode is also quite popular. The 6.1 update changed how PvP works n FFXIV. Now, by participating in PvP battles, you will earn Series EXP. This will increase your Series level, allowing you to unlock all sorts of Series rewards. The Series Malmstones system lasts from one major patch to another. And, since 6.1 has only just been released, that means that you have a lot of time to grind until 6.2 drops. This is excellent news, as this will allow you to get the Archfiend Attire Coffer in FFXIV. In this guide, we’ll explain everything you need to know about how to acquire this imposing armor set.

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FFXIV Archfiend Attire Coffer

How to Get Archfiend Attire in FFXIV

In order to be eligible to get the Archfiend Attire in Final Fantasy XIV, you will, of course, need to participate in the game’s PvP. Needless to say, this can take a lot of grinding, so be prepared to invest a bit of time into this process. In any case, once you reach Series Level 25, you will then be able to claim the Archfiend Attire Coffer. To do this, first go into your Character tab and from there, check your PvP Profile. Once there, click on the “Series Malmstones” button. If you have reached Level 25, you will see that the Archfiend Attire Coffer has been unlocked.

Click on it and you will get the option to claim your reward. Choose “Yes”. Next, go into your Inventory. Your Archfiend Attire Coffer prize will be there. Click on it and select the “Use” option. Doing this will result in you receiving the full Archfiend Attire armor set in your inventory. It consists of: Archfiend Helm, Archfiend Armor, Archfiend Gauntlets, Archfiend Breeches, and Archfiend Sabatons.

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