Merge Mansion Stuck at Loading Screen Fix

If you are stuck at the loading screen in Merge Mansion, we know how frustrating it can be. The new update for everyone’s favourite merging game is now live, as hundreds of thousands of fans around the globe are rushing to play Merge Mansion. However, many of them are experiencing a rather infuriating issue. Namely, after an update, a number of players report being stuck at the loading screen in Merge Mansion. Here’s how to fix the Merge Mansion loading screen freezes glitch.

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Merge Mansion Stuck at Loading Screen Fix
Merge Mansion Loading Screen Freezes

Stuck at Loading Screen Merge Mansion Fix

If you can not load Merge Mansion after the most recent update, you should know that you are not the only person with this issue. Unfortunately, it is a fairly common problem whenever there’s a new update. Before we jump to other possible solutions, the first thing you should do is simply wait. Some players report being stuck on 2-19% after the new update, but the game eventually loaded. And they were able to play. So, first, try to give the game some time to load properly for the first time after the update.

If that doesn’t work, try restarting the game a couple of times. If you are still encountering problems with Merge Mansion Stuck at the loading screen, then try restarting your device. Ultimately, a number of players report that uninstalling and reinstalling Merge Mansion will fix the issue. However, before you do this READ THIS WARNING! This could potentially lose all your progress if you don’t have a cloud save via Facebook or Apple.

Thus, be sure to take a screenshot of your home page, garage, and inventory. And, connect your game to either Facebook or Apple. If you uninstall and reinstall the game before this, you will lose all your progress. With that in mind, the best thing you can do if you are encountering the “Merge Mansion Stuck at Loading Screen” issue, is to contanct support and explain your problem.

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  1. A

    I tried all your suggestions, but still not loading. I did manage to get it to load by going through Play Store and clicking Play, but that’s not working now.
    And how can I save progress if I can’t get into the game?

  2. A

    I did everything you mentioned and still locks up. I won’t re-install because I don’t want to start over. To far into this game now. I guess I will just wait!!!!!!

  3. K

    Is there a way to contact support without being able to log in?

  4. A

    I have tried all the above on my i pad uninstalled left it all day let the battery run flat and tried to download an old version
    Switched i pad off and on plus it keeps telling me to reconnect don’t know what else to do any tips please

  5. J

    I’ve tried all the above, except uninstalling the game, multiple times. It’s still not loading. I can’t seem to find any other ways to fix it.

  6. D

    I’ve tried everything that I could think of. Restarting my phone, allowing it to run in the back ground, deleting the cache and even tried uninstalling and reinstall and still not working. I went into the app store and found an email address and sent an email with my issue but haven’t heard anything yet. Has anyone had any luck figuring out how to fix this issue? I get lost network connection (error code 1321f).

    1. C

      I have the same problem(error code 1321f).

  7. T
    Trevor Stevens

    Tryed every thing you told me still stuck on load page .have my id numbers on front page can’t get eney thing else cos won’t load.. it’s cost me too mutch time and money to lose it all cos off an update..

  8. M

    Issue still not fixed did all of the troubleshooting suggested. Even uninstalled hope I didn’t loose everything but won’t be able to know until the game finally loads… smh

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