Pokemon GO Ultra Wormholes Explained

If you need the Pokemon GO Ultra Wormholes explained for you, they you’re in the right place. In this guide, we are going to break down what the Ultra Wormholes are, what they do, and where to find them. Considering that you’ll be seeing them in the coming days (at time of writing), you’ll need to know how they work. So, let’s dive in!

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pokemon go ultra wormholes explained
Pokemon GO Ultra Wormholes Explained

What is a Wormhole in Pokemon GO

Pokemon GO Ultra Wormholes are portals that spawn Ultra Beasts from the Ultra Space (which is like an alternate dimension of sorts). What the heck does that mean? Well, long story short, they just serve to make rare and really powerful Pokemon appear. So, that’s why you should always keep an eye out for them when you know they’ll be spawning (more on that in the next section). The last time Ultra Wormholes were active, they brought Pokemon like Pheromosa, Buzzwole and Xurkitree. As a concept, the wormholes were introduced in Pokemon Sun and Moon. In those games, they had much more of a role. Here, all they do is bring Ultra Beasts, and that’s quite enough.

Where to Find Ultra Wormholes in Pokemon GO

You can find Ultra Wormholes in Pokemon GO at the top of certain Gyms, and they appear in the place of the usual Egg. So, that shouldn’t be to difficult to spot. One thing that you have to keep in mind if you want to participate in these is that you have to have Beast Balls on hand. As far as we know, there is no other way to catch the Pokemon in these Raids. Premier Balls don’t really cut the mustard.

It’s important to mention at this point is that the Ultra Wormholes don’t appear that often. They’re usually a part of an event, such as the ongoing Test your Mettle. I’m not sure whether the wormhole Raids are going to be an addition to the Celesteela and Kartana five-star Raids, or those two are the wormhole Raids, but that doesn’t matter much, anyway.

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