Merge Mansion Thanksgiving Table

The Merge Mansion Thanksgiving Table is one of many, many items that you can merge and create in the Thanksgiving 2022 event. There are two versions of it, the Empty Thanksgiving Table and the Full Thanksgiving Table. You want to get the latter, because it drops other items that are useful in their own ways. However, the road is long and complicated, which is why we’ve decided to write this guide and help you out.

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merge mansion thanksgiving table
Merge Mansion Thanksgiving Table

How to Get Thanksgiving Table in Merge Mansion

To get the Thanksgiving Table in the Merge Mansion 2022 Thanksgiving event, you first need to obtain Napkins. You can get these from either the Crate, the Truck or the Cart. That’s easy enough. Then, you have to merge those Napkins to level five. The chain goes as follows: Napkins > Cutlery > Glasses > Plates > Table Setting. You can sacrifice the Plates to get more Napkins, if necessary. Anyways, wait for the timer on the Table Setting to run out. Tap it to create the Empty Thanksgiving Table. You’d think that’s all there is to it, but we’re only halfway through. Next up, you have to create a Dutch Oven by merging the kitchenware chain until you get the Mixing Bowls. That item drops the Oven.

The next step to turn the Empty Thanksgiving Table into the Full Thanksgiving Table in the Merge Mansion Thanksgiving 2022 event is to create either Charcuterie, Prepped Vegetables or the Fruit Bouquet. These are at the end of the chains that begin with Milk, Carrot and Thanksgiving Candle, respectively. Now, use the Dutch Oven and one of the food items to fuel the Table and make it full. Okay, so why did we go through all this? Because the Table drops the first item in the Thanksgiving Dinner merge chain, which ends in the Plate Full of Food. That, in turn, drops the Thanksgiving Couch. Tap it into oblivion, and the last item it gives you will be the Keepsake Box. Yeah, that thing you need to complete the Box Full of Secrets task.

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