Metroid Dread Artaria Stuck

Metroid Dread is finally out and players have been very happy to once again play as Samus in her newest side-scrolling adventure. However, this return to the Metroid saga hasn’t gone without a couple of hitches along the way. One of these is that many players have been stuck in Artaria, unsure about what they need to do next. They are scared that maybe they have done something which caused their game to softlock, or even encountered some sort of bug which has rendered them unable to progress further. If you are one of these players – don’t worry, you’ve done nothing wrong and there is a way that you can move forward. As we’ll show in our Metroid Dread Artaria Stuck guide, it’s a bit unintuitive, so it’s no wonder that it has caught so many people off guard.

Metroid Dread Artaria Stuck

Metroid Dread Stuck in Artaria

Artaria is the starting area in Metroid Dread. As such, you will often find yourselves backtracking here once you have unlocked new upgrades. But, at a certain point in the game, you may think that there’s simply no way you can progress further and that you are stuck. You don’t have the upgrades needed to move past some environmental dangers in Artaria and there’s seemingly no way to do anything. Well, that’s because you are no longer meant to be there. So, once you have the Invisibility upgrade, go to the next area – Cataris. If you are unsure how to get there, follow the instructions in the video down bellow.

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Now, you may have already been here and faced the same problem with being convinced that you are stuck. That is if you went right as soon as you arrived to Cataris. There are lava obstacles there, and you cannot pass these yet. No, what you need to do here is to turn left, go to the wall and shoot it. This will open up a whole new path and you will now no longer be stuck in Artaria.

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  1. A
    Alex W

    I haven’t even found an invisiblilty upgrade, every time I go in the EMMI area it finds me immediately, I get stuck in a dead end, and it kills me. The only progress I made was finding a map room that shows the central unit is on the opposite side and I’ll never get there….
    Every guide says “once you have the invisiblilty upgrade” but I have zero idea what that even is, I have no upgrades except for a couple rocket packs.

    1. N

      Bottom and right of the Ataria map there is a large alien boss with a scorpion’s tail. Defeat that, and you’ll get the cloak device.

  2. C

    I’m stuck in the spot where your video starts but I don’t have an invisibility cloak or the magnet. Please help!

    1. C

      I was able to figure it out. There was a ceiling in a room that I was able to shoot out.

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