How to Play Shadow Royale Apex Legends Daily Challenges Glitch

Shadow Royale is an Apex Legends mode in the Monsters Within event, but how to play has been spoilt by a daily challenges glitch. The event began on October 12th. Unfortunately, two problems prevented or hindered play for many. One of the main ones was with the daily challenges offered. Read on as we discuss the Apex Legends Shadow Royale glitch.

How to Play Shadow Royale Apex Legends Daily Challenges Glitch
How to Play Shadow Royale Apex Legends Daily Challenges Glitch

Apex Legends Shadow Royal Daily Challenges Glitch

When you check your challenge tracker, it should display two missions. These should be a one-star mission and a two-star mission. The first is “Play Two Games of Shadow Royale” and the second is “Kill Two Enemies in Shadow Royale”. However, this is impossible to complete.

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The reason for this is that Shadow Royale has not even started yet and is not currently in the game. It has been postponed until the final week of the event. Unfortunately, it means you can only complete three of your daily challenges.

How to Play Shadow Royale Apex Legends

Shadow Royale is part of the three-week Monsters Within event for Apex Legends. The Halloween spectacular is about the darkness inside all, and it brings new challenges and arenas to the game. A brand-new map named Encore has made its debut for the event. This map is a valley shape, with elevation at the sides only. It makes for a tactical battle that could see you shot from all sides if you make the wrong move.

There are also four new cosmetic sets. Revenant, Caustic, Bloodhound, and Seer all get weapons and legends skins themed around classic horror. Skins from old events will also be available.

However, the attraction for most people is the return of Shadow Royale in Apex Legends. In this limited-time game, dead players respawn as shadow creatures until only one mortal is alive. To play, all you must do is wait for the final week of the event beginning on October the 26th.

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