Metroid Dread How to Counter Emmi

An Emmi is one of the most dangerous enemies in Metro Dread, and you need to know how to counter them to progress. To defeat an E.M.M.I. you need an Omega Cannon. If you don’t have one, you will find the counter move is difficult to perform. You need a little skill and lots of luck. Read on as we discuss how to counter an Emmi in Metro Dread.

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Metroid Dread How to Counter Emmi
Metroid Dread How to Counter Emmi

Countering an E.M.M.I. in Metro Dread is the only way to save yourself from these relentless stalking machines. Defeating them cannot happen with normal weapons. An Omega Cannon upgrade is the only way to take them out. Unfortunately, if you don’t have that then you need to counter.

Usually, Samus ability to counter is great against weaker enemies. That is not so for the EMMI.  This counter is around 25% skill and 75% luck.  You need to counter right before you get impaled or grabbed. Look for a flash of light before the Emmi performs an action. Hit X and hope for the best.  Hitting it right is almost down to the frame.

Luckily, when you do get spiked, you won’t go back to the last save point. Instead, you will go back to the E.M.M.I. zone door. This means trying again and improving your reflexes on the counter.

How to Counter Emmi in Metroid Dread

The only way you can defeat an Emmi is with the Omega Cannon. This happens when you defeat a boss, though it is only temporary. In one of the first battles, after countering the Emmi, you will reach a cutscene where Samus touches a central unit. This transforms the Arm Cannon into an Omega Canon. The Omega Blaster will then be online.

Holding L will put you into aim mode. Tilting L will aim the Omega Cannon. Samus will automatically face enemies if they come into the vicinity. You can charge the blaster using R then press Y while still holding it to fire. Blast the Emmi in its face using the Omega Canon to take it down.

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