Metroid Dread Shinespark - How to Speed Boost

Knowing how to speed boost in Metro Dread is intrinsically linked to the Shinespark skill. Both of these allow you access to hidden areas and puzzles in the game. Using the Shinespark is simple, though mastering it is not. You also need to complete certain tasks to gain it. Read on as we discuss how to speed boost and use the Shinespark in Metroid Dread.

Metroid Dread Shinespark - How to Speed Boost
Metroid Dread Shinespark – How to Speed Boost

Metroid Dread Shinespark Location

How to unlock Shinespark in Metro Dread involves finding and destroying the central unit. This is in Dairon. When you defeat this, Samus Arm Cannon will transform into the Omega Cannon. You will then have the firepower to defeat the E.M.M.I. adversaries.

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Exit the control room and go to the yellow Emmi waiting outside. You can use Omega Stream to melt its protective coating. After this, fire the cannon at its head to destroy the unit. This will grant you the upgrade along with a speed boost.

How to Shinespark in Metroid Dread

Once you have the speed booster, you get the ability to Shinespark. You need to click on the stick and start moving in one direction, gaining momentum as you do. A long, clear hall is great for this.

Samus will burst forward, and you need to press down on the left stick. This will cancel the movement and energy will begin to store. Make sure you practice, as this can often register as a left or right movement.

Samus will glow if you have done this right. You have a short window to perform Shinespark, exactly five seconds. Hold B to see Samus begin to charge, then press in any direction and see Samus fire off.

Metroid Dread Shinespark Controls

Shinespark is essential if you want to find the energy tanks and missile expansions in the game. As well as firing in one direction, moves can chain together. This allows you to hit some pretty neat combos.

When you hit an obstacle, the Shinespark cancels. However, hit an incline and you will keep the momentum. Hit down once again and you can have the energy to execute a second Shinespark. This allows you to chain Shinespark and Speed Boost to reach hidden spots and tough places.

Another trick is to use Shinespark in morph ball form. Store your energy and press down to enter ball form. Hit B and a direction, and you will morph ball and spark in one. If you are falling you can even do them in mid-air, or do them mid-jump by pressing B and Y. The Metro Dread Shinespark tutorial below is an excellent way to get to grips with the special controls.

Metro Dread Shinespark Tutorial by Next Gen
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