Minecraft Forge Error Exit Code -1, Game Crashed Whilst Initializing

Is Minecraft: Java Edition crashing with the “Exit code -1” error on Forge mods for you? The OptiFine mod for the Minecraft 1.19 version has just been released. Many fans are already enjoying the benefits of better visuals and more FPS. However, if you are using Minecraft Forge, you might have trouble launching the game after you’ve installed the latest version of OptiFine. Here’s what we know about the Forge Error Exit Code -1, Game Crashed Whilst Initializing problem and how to fix it.

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Minecraft Forge Error Exit Code -1, Game Crashed Whilst Initializing

Minecraft Optifine 1.19 & Forge Error Exit Code -1, Game Crashed Whilst Initializing

Minecraft Forge is an essential tool for many Minecraft enthusiasts. Forge is a modding API that allows modders to create many interesting mods and additions, and then implement them into a live version of Minecraft. Many popular mods, including OptiFine, wouldn’t exist without it.

Thus, both creative modders who are making new stuff, and gamers who like to use various mods, need to have Minecraft Forge installed. However, due to the delicate nature of mods and Minecraft Forge, problems often occur. The latest such issue that is plaguing players has to do with Minecraft Optifine 1.19.

Namely, for many players, the latest OptiFine version is crashing on launch. Why is this happening and how to fix it? Well, the problem is rather simple. What you need to do is to have the latest version of Forge installed. At the time of writing, that’s Forge 41.0.98. Minecraft OptiFine 1.19 only works with the version 41.0.90 or above. Minecraft OptiFine 1.19 will not work with any older versions of Forge.

So, in order to use Minecraft OptiFine 1.19, go to the official Minecraft Forge page and download the latest version. However, keep in mind that this can also break some of your older mods, which might become incompatible with the new version of Forge. If the new Forge breaks some of your other mods, you will have to wait for modders to update those mods in order to work with newer versions of Minecraft Forge.

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