Minecraft Recovery Compass Recipe & How to Use

Minecraft 1.19 is out. Called “The Wild” update, this newest version adds a lot of new things to the game. One of these is the so-called Recovery Compass. But what does the Recovery Compass do in Minecraft? Well, in this guide, we are going to tell you everything you need to know about the Recovery Compass in Minecraft, including its recipe and how to use it.

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Minecraft Recovery Compass Recipe & How to Use

How to Craft Recovery Compass in Minecraft

The first step in crafting a Recovery Compass in Minecraft is to obtain a regular Compass. This can be done in one of several ways. The first and most obvious way is to craft it. You can easily do this by combining four Iron Ingots with one Redstone Dust. Place the Redstone Dust in the middle of the Crafting grid and then put an Iron Ingot to the right, left, below, and above it. Now that you have an ordinary Compass, what you need to find next is eight Echo Shards. The only place where you can find these is in chests in Ancient Cities. These spawn at the -52 layer in the newly added Deep Dark biome.

As before, put the Compass in the middle of the Crafting Grid and the eight Echo Shards around it. This is how you get the Recovery Compass.

How to Use Recovery Compass in Minecraft

The purpose of the Recovery Compass is to point towards the place where you have died. This way, you can use it to get back to your body and retrieve all the items you had on you at the time of your death. However, note that this Recovery Compass only works to point to the right location if you are in the same dimension as the one you died in. Otherwise, it will spin randomly and won’t be of any use. The best way to use it is to craft one and place it near your spawn point, so that you have a reliable way to get back your stuff.

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