Tame Frogs in Minecraft

A lot of players want to know whether you can tame frogs in Minecraft, now that the new animals have been added in update 1.19. And, if it is possible in the first place, how to tame frogs. Well, that’s what we’ll be covering in this guide. The fact of the matter is, the situation is a little bit complicated at the moment, as we’re about to explain.

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tame frogs in minecraft
Tame Frogs in Minecraft

Can You Tame Frogs in Minecraft

No, you can’t tame frogs in Minecraft as of update 1.19. The developers might add the option at some point in the future, but that’s just not the case at the time of writing. The closest you can do is kinda build a pen and keep them inside, if you want. However, you can’t keep them as pets, and if you don’t build the pen properly, they’ll just peace out. So, be sure to build the fence / walls of the enclosure at least four blocks high, because frogs can leap up to three blocks high. Also, you can get a group of them to follow you by holding a Slimeball, which they love to eat, or attach a lead to one of them and drag it around. It’s not exactly taming, but it’s close enough.

So, yeah, that’s how to tame frogs in Minecraft, as much as that’s possible at the moment. Incidentally, you can find them in many biomes, especially the swamp. They love to eat Slimeballs, among other things. In fact, if you can get two frogs near a body of water (ideally at least 3×3 in size) and then feed them Slimeballs, you’ll see hearts start to pop up. After that, one of them is going to approach the water and lay eggs, which will turn into tadpoles, and eventually full-grown frogs. In other words, even if you can’t tame them per se, you can absolutely breed them if you so fancy.

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