MK11 Friendships - How to Perform

Friendships are a new type of finisher in Mortal Kombat 11. You might remember them from previous games, but they were only added to MK11 in the Aftermath DLC. Lots of characters have them, and they’re a warm and fuzzy alternative to all the eye-ripping and spine-snapping we’re used to. If you’re wondering how exactly you’re supposed to make them work, this guide will show you how to perform friendships in Mortal Kombat 11, and give you a list of the ones we’ve seen.

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mk11 friendships how to perform
MK11 Friendships – How to Perform

How to perform friendships in Mortal Kombat 11?

You can check out the detailed instructions for every friendship in the move list, under finishers. If they’re not showing up, make sure you’ve downloaded the DLC, then go to Fatality training first. Afterwards, they should appear in the list. Also, make sure you hold down block while inputting stuff via the D-pad.

As for the finishers themselves, they’re sillier than ever. Here’s a list of the ones we’ve seen to date:

  • Cassie Cage – Uses her phone to snap a smiling selfie.
  • Cetrion – Makes a pretty tree grow, then uses a couple of vines as a swing.
  • D’Vorah – Gets a pair of butterfly wings.
  • Erron Black – Starts shooting duckies in a shooting gallery.
  • Frost – Does some figure skating.
  • Geras – Builds an impressive sand castle.
  • Jacqui Briggs – Starts punching a punching bag in the shape of Kronika.
  • Jade – Uses her staff to hit a Shao Khan pinata.
  • Jax – Goes wild with a saxophone, in a copyright-friendly riff on the Moldovan Eurosong contestant from 2010.
  • Kabal – Uses his weapons to play a marimba.
  • Kano – Puts on a chef’s hat and grills some barbecue using his lazer eye.
  • Kitana – Starts playing pattycake with Mileena until they start missing and laugh it off.
  • Kollector – Does a one-man-band performance.
  • Kotal Kahn – Pulls out a chair and goes tanning.
  • Kung Lao – Uses his has a track for a set of toy trains.
  • Noob Saibot – Summons two shadow clones and starts playing jump rope with them.
  • Raiden – Summons a mini-Raiden and performs a dance routine with him.
  • RoboCop – Performs the robot dance.
  • Scorpion – Pulls a giant teddy bear on screen and hugs it.
  • Sindel – Screams at a wine glass, fails to break it, then drinks the wine.
  • Sonya – Throws a stick to her robot, the robot returns with half a corpse instead.
  • Spawn – Lies in a hammock, reading a romance novel.
  • Sub-Zero – Rolls an ice cream cart onto the stage, then makes a popsicle for himself.
  • The Terminator – Does various tricks on a motorcycle.
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