Minecraft Dungeons Bugs, Privilege Errors, Can't Find & Install from Store

Minecraft Dungeons has been released, and players all over the world are enjoying it. However, some haven’t been that lucky. There have been a number of bugs that are stopping people from playing the game, including ones that are stopping them from even downloading it. This guide will show you a list of known Minecraft Dungeons bugs, privilege errors, can’t find & install from store issues, as well as ways to fix or avoid them when possible.

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minecraft dungeons bugs privilege errors can't install find in store
Minecraft Dungeons Bugs, Privilege Errors, Can’t Find & Install from Store

Can’t find Minecraft Dungeons in PS, Microsoft, Switch store

Some players are reporting being unable to find the game on their digital storefront. It’s happening across all platforms – Switch, Playstation, Xbox and PC. If you’re one of them, your best bet would be to make sure your console’s firmware is up to date, then restart it and try again. If it still doesn’t show up, give it some time.

Can’t install Minecraft Dungeons

We’ve already written about this issue in a separate guide. It’s mostly up to Windows updates, and getting your OS to version 1909 should help. If not, then you’ll have to either contact support or wait it out.

Privilege error – online play restricted

We’ve heard reports frmo people saying they can’t play online, as they keep getting a privilege error message, saying their online play is restricted. There are two things that could lead to this – either there’s a ban on your account that’s tied to some unwanted behaviour in other games you’ve played on it, or you have parental control turned on, which has an option to block online play. If it’s neither of those, then your best bet would be to contact support.

We’re going to keep monitoring the situation, and we’ll update this guide with any new info we discover. Stay tuned.

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  1. E

    Where is the parental control option

    1. E

      I am on pc btw

  2. K

    Iv had privilege error online restricted I dont have parents control on I havent had a ban so what can I do as need help sorting this out please

  3. S

    The parental controls referenced are accessed through a Microsoft Xbox Live account setting. It’s not in the game or the Switch.

    Go to account.xbox.com > Xbox Settings (left) > Privacy & Online Safety

    Select the Profile to adjust and set the radio buttons to allow various online game play-related permissions.

  4. F

    I have gotten privilege error and i dont even own an xbox so i have no idea how i could get banned, parent control doesnt even work either, contacted support but they didnt help too, does anyone else know what to do?

  5. R
    roy cohen

    I got a privilege error and I did everything to fix it. but it didn’t work. why?

  6. M
    Melanie Minehart

    Minecraft dungeons was installed on my switch and I was able to play. Now when I try to play it will not go past the press any button to continue. Tried uninstall and restarting switch multiple times. Please help!

    1. C

      When you get on the screen you can’t get past hold the home button and turn on airplane mode. Then go back to the game a message will pop up about not be able to connect. After that happens hold home button and turn airplane mode off go back to the game that should work

  7. D

    Same here
    I got a privilege error and I did everything to fix it. but it didn’t work. why?

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