MK11 Krypt Cetrion's Amulet Location - Kytinn Hive Puzzle Solution

Cetrion’s Amulet in the Mortal Kombat 11 Krypt is a key item you have to find in order to solve the Kytinn Hive puzzle. To find Cetrion’s Amulet in the Krypt is fairly simple, once you know where to look, but not easy; it’s going to require a ton of grinding. If this puzzle has been giving you a headache, then our MK11 Krypt Cetrion’s Amulet Location – Kytinn Hive Puzzle Solution guide is the place for you. We’ll show you exactly where to find Cetrion’s amulet, how to obtain it, and how to use it.

MK11 Krypt Cetrion's Amulet Location - Kytinn Hive Puzzle Solution
MK11 Krypt Cetrion’s Amulet Location – Kytinn Hive Puzzle Solution

Where to Find & How to Get Cetrion’s Amulet in Mortal Kombat 11 Krypt?

To find Cetrion’s Amulet in the Krypt in Mortal Kombat 11, you’re going to have to look in her Head Chest in the Warrior Shrine area. The Warrior Shrine is the path between the Shrine (the statue where you put Koins to get items) and the entrance into Goro’s Lair. Cetrion’s head chest is the fourth from the left from the door of Goro’s Lair. Inside is the Amulet, as well as some cool cosmetic items for Cetrion. The coordinates for the chest 2148, -5514.

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Now, we have the matter of actually opening the damned thing, and therein lies the problem. There used to be a Head Chest glitch that you could abuse to open those chests easily. If you’ve managed to use the exploit by now, congrats, because they’ve since patched it out. So, instead, you’ll have to perform fifty Fatalities or Brutalities against Cetrion in the Towers of Time. Yes, you’re in for a hellish grind, because that’s just what Mortal Kombat is now.

Now, if you haven’t pushed far enough into the Krypt, you might be wondering what exactly you need Cetrion’s Amulet for. Well, you’ll need it to solve the above-mentioned Kytinn Hive Puzzle. You need to put three amulets into their respective wheels in order to open a door. The other two amulets you need are Shinnok’s Amulet and Kronika’s Amulet. You pull the lever to spin the wheels to reveal the appropriate slot. Then, you insert the amulets like so: Shinnok’s on the left, Kronika’s in the middle, Cetrion’s on the right.

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  1. M
    matt fahringer

    the worst part are the head chests. its nice that Brutalities work as well. the hard part is there is no way to see how many of each is left to do

    1. Y

      No the hardest part is that it has to be in the towers of time

  2. H

    I’ve actually had Cetrion’s amulet in a random chest since the patch, never did any of the head chests yet and when I stumbled upon the puzzle only was missing the key on the left (pointed as shinnok in this walkthrough)

  3. T
    Trevor Nau

    Do you have to finish a tower to get the kills or if she is the first opponent and I beat her, can I just restart the tower and still have the fatalities count?

    1. V

      You can restart it! That’s what I did 🙂

  4. Do i have to place the head then start the grind or does it continue from the 25 i had already gotten

  5. I

    Do I have to do it in the tower of time or I can also do it in klassic towers

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