MK11 No Mask Gear Locations - Mortal Kombat 11 Maskless Outfits

No mask gear options are outfit parts that show the face of the character in Mortal Kombat 11. They’re particularly interesting when it comes to characters who usually wear masks, like Kitana, Sub-Zero and such. Since there is the option to have them maskless and enjoy the full view of their faces, a lot of people are looking for these gear items. This guide will show you a list of MK11 no mask gear locations for each of the characters.

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mk11 no mask gear locations
MK11 No Mask Gear Locations – Mortal Kombat 11 Maskless Outfits

Where to find no mask gear in MK11?

There are a handful of characters that are masked by default, including Subzero, Scorpion, Kitana, Skarlet, Erron Black, Kabal and Frost. At least some of their maskless headgear is available without having to suffer through the RNG of the Krypt. You’ll get some from the Tower of Time, others from heart chests, but at some point you’ll have to start gambling at the Shrine if you want to complete the collection. Here are the ones we’ve heard of or found ourselves:

Sub-Zero (Vrbada’s Vapors): The game implies it comes from the Towers of Time – probably the one tied to the character.
Scorpion (Visage of the Netherrealm Wrath): Obtained at the third stage of Scorpion’s Tower of Time.
Jade (Possessed by the Past): The game indicates it’s found in the Krypt, but some players reported getting it from Jade’s Tower of Time, the one that costs 25k coins to unlock.
Erron Black (Tipperary, Lone Stranger, Old Fashioned, Bourbon Straight, Outlander, Dry Spell): You can get Lone Stranger from Erron’s Tower of Time, and another one from the heart chest at the Wooden Bridge. The rest come from various places in the Krypt.
Kitana (Poise and Power): Potential drop when spending 75k coins at the Shrine.
Skarlet (Ancient Blood Magic): Same as above.
Kabal (Man of the Sand): Same as above.
Frost: Reach the third stage of Frost’s Tower of Time.

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  1. G
    Gabe jimenez

    I have finished all of the towers for Jade and I haven’t gotten it. Do I just have to try my luck on the krypt or what?

  2. R

    Sub Zero’s seems to have the hardest one as I’m at the 4th level of his personal ToT & no sign of the Vrbada’s Vapors one however I’ve taken to spending 75,000 on the shrine sometimes with a naknadan charm & I did get Black’s Old Fashioned I think but it’s definitely one of his unmasked gear pieces. Might just do that till I get everyone’s unmasked gear.

    1. F

      It’s available right now in a tower of time. You probably already knew This bit just in case.

  3. N

    Is there a site that keeps track of when the towers for these are avaialbe? I don’t think these are definitive locations, just that they can appear here. Heard Skarlet’s was in a tower a few weeks ago. Of course I missed it…

  4. C

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