MK11 Scorpion Fire Chest Locations & How To Open Them

Scorpion chests are one type of loot container in Mortal Kombat 11. You’ll find them in the Krypt, and in order to open them, you’ll first need to find a flaming skull, pull it with Scorpion’s Spear, then pay 100 hearts. Finding these fire chests is not much of a challenge, but getting to the skull can be quite difficult. That’s why we’ve written this MK11 scorpion fire chest locations & how to open them guide.

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mk11 scorpion fire chest locations how to open
MK11 Scorpion Fire Chest Locations & How To Open Them

If you’re short on hearts and want to know what’s inside each of these chests before you open them, check out our heart chest loot guide.

Courtyard scorpion chest

The first scorpion chest is in the Courtyard (-1841,-7738), on the other side of the wall with the statues, the one near the Warrior Shrine. The flaming skull is on one of the statues, but it’s invisible. You’ll need to use Kenshi’s Blindfold. If you can’t see it, just look for the prompt to use the spear instead – it’ll show up even if the skull is out of the blindfold’s range.

mk11 scorpion chest location courtyard

Chest LocationLoot/Items
Courtyard (-1841,-7738)200 time krystals
Seeing Green (Baraka skin)
Hopewrecker (Shao Kahn wrath hammer)
Diamphidiated Okrakan (Baraka arm blades)
Kombat Pack (Kollector satchel)
Torn Sack (forge item)

Dead Woods fire chest location

The chest in the Dead Woods (7111,-3899) is easy to find – it’s on the main path. The flaming skull is a bit further away. Keep following the road and head right. Cross the bridge and look for it under the roof of the gazebo.

Chest LocationLoot/Items
Dead Woods (7111,-3899)200 time krystals
Uncomfortable Ally (Jaxx Briggs skin)
Right Slipshot (Jacqui Briggs gauntlet)
STFU (Cassie Cage pistol)
Steel Dragon (Jaxx Briggs bionic arms)
Busted Black Market Gauntlet (forge item)

Gardens fire chest & flaming skull

The fire chest in the Gardens (2500,3700) is in the gazebo. The flaming skull is somewhat hidden, though. Head north and take a left the first chance you get. You’ll end up in the Vault. Before you enter the building, check out the trees on the right. You’ll find the skull hanging from a branch.

Chest LocationLoot/Items
Gardens (2500,3700)200 time krystals
Apotheosis (Geras skin)
Fist of the Midnight Hour (Geras knuckle duster)
Serratogga (Cetrion goddess crown)
Korruption (Frost mask)
Depowered Tekunin Core (forge item)

Lower Courtyard scorpion chest & skull

The chest in the Lower Courtyard (-6581,-5106) is at the end of a wooden walkway overlooking the Lower Pit. You can see the skull from there, on the terrace in the distance. In order to reach it, you’ll have to solve the wheel puzzle in the Kytinn hive first.

Chest LocationLoot/Items
Lower Courtyard (-6581,-5106)200 time krystals
Greater Evil (Liu Kang skin)
Keen Kompetitor (Kung Lao razor hat)
Elite Shaolin (Liu Kang headband)
Lightning Sentinel (Raiden hat)
Ill Fitting Dull Bladed Hat (forge item)

Shang Tsung’s Throne Room scorpion chest

The chest in Shang Tsung’s Throne Room (12013,324) is right next to the throne. You’ll need to open 10 head chests at the Warrior’s Shrine in order to gain access to this place. The skull is in the Treasure Cache – follow the stairs on the right into the next chamber, and you’ll see it hanging off the ceiling.

Chest LocationLoot/Items
Shang Tsung’s Throne Room (12013,324)Encroaching Blades (Kabal gas canister augment)
Control the Throne (Kitana sai augment)
Shadow Spire (Noob Saibot mask augment)
Master’s Speed (Liu Kang bracers augment)
Dominant Presence (Kotal Kahn totem augment)

Goro’s Lair fire chest location

The chest in Goro’s Lair (2634,-8226) is past the One Being door. Go past the first round of fire traps and look to the left. The skull is nearby, at the end of the corridor.

Chest LocationLoot/Items
Goro’s Lair (2634,-8226)200 time krystals
On The Bottle (Kano skin)
Jack’s Epic Eye (Kano eye shield)
Weeping Nightmare (Kabal face shield)
Hella Wicked (Erron Black hat)
Bent Hook Swords (forge item)

Armory scorpion chest location

This one’s pretty easy. The chest is near the entrance to the Armory (-3009,-5883), and the skull is in the alcove next to it. No puzzle here.

mortal kombat 11 scorpion chest armory
Chest LocationLoot/Items
Armory (-3009,-5883)200 time krystals
Proper Attire (Jade skin)
Kombat Courtier (Jade mask)
Queen of Bloodsuckers (Skarlet mask)
Mygalomorphae (D’vorah ovipositor)
Grotesque Mutated Larva (forge item)

Goro’s Dining Hall fire chest & flaming skull

The chest in Goro’s Dining Hall (-807,-88) is right next to the entrance. To get to the skull, you’ll have to climb to the upper floor and behind the wall with the two big stone skulls. If you look through the tiny opening above the corridor, you’ll see the skull between the beams there.

Chest LocationLoot/Items
Goro’s Dining Hall (-807,-88)200 time krystals
Nopalla (Kotal Kahn skin)
Shining Ocelot Maqahuitl (Kotal Kahn Macana)
Ghastly Rider (Erron Black hat)
Deadly Hand of Bell Yim (Jade razor-rang)
Rusty Antique Six Shooter (forge item)

Lower Pit scorpion chest & skull location

The scorpion chest in the Lower Pit (-8914,-3352) is near Ermac’s body. The skull, on the other hand, is on the far east side of the area, hanging from the last big spire.

Chest LocationLoot/Items
Lower Pit (-8914,-3352)200 time krystals
Forest Kamouflage (Scorpion skin)
Look of Fiery Reckoning (Scorpion ninja mask)
Endless Winter (Sub-Zero ninja mask)
Noob Saibot (Noob Saibot mask)
Cracked Lin Kuei Bombshell (forge item)

Torture Halls flaming chest

The chest in the Torture Halls (3496,3479) is at the end of the first corridor. The skull is at the end of the second corridor, behind a set of bent bars.

Chest LocationLoot/Items
Torture Halls (3496,3479)200 time krystals
Marigold (Kitana skin)
Barbaric Beauty (Kitana mask)
Cybertronic Patriot (Jax bionic arms)
Invincible Shaolin (Liu Kang headband)
Zombie Chains (forge item)

Kytinn Hive scorpion chest location

You’ll find the chest in the Kytinn Hive as soon as you enter it from Goro’s Lair. It’s on the right. The skull is in one of the farther chambers, past the Carcass of the Kytinn Queen. Look to the left, in the shaft with the light.

Chest LocationLoot/Items
Kytinn Hive (4284,10486)200 time krystals
Silverlake (Johnny Cage skin)
Big Wave Surfari (Johnny Cage shades)
Airborne Ranger (Sonya head gear)
Pop-pop (Cassie Cage pistol)
Antique Training Manualk (forge item)

Goro’s Fortress scorpion chest & fire skull

The chest in Goro’s Fortress (9468,3757) is on the second platform to the left. The skull can be found on the east side of the second central pillar.

Chest LocationLoot/Items
Goro’s Fortress (9468,3757)Squib Technician (Johnny Cage shades)
Dragon Fire (Liu Kang headband)
Netherrealm’s Nemesis (Raiden hat)
Commanding Presence (Sonya head gear)
Arctika Whiteout (Sub-Zero ninja mask)
Heated Kenjutsu Look (Scorpion ninja mask)