When is the Next Partner Event in Monopoly Go, Partner Event Schedule 2024

A video game adaptation of the popular board game, Monopoly Go is filled with all sorts of events. These are very fun activities that can earn you a lot great rewards when you play them. Though, they typically only last for a couple of days. Because of that, it’s very important that you know when they start and end. To help you with this, we are going to provide you with the complete Monopoly Go Events Schedule, so you know when the next Partner Event is coming. This includes all the Monopoly Go Partner events for March 2024.

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When is the Next Partner Event in Monopoly Go, Partner Event Schedule 2024
When is the Next Partner Event in Monopoly Go, Partner Event Schedule 2024

When is the Monopoly Go Next Partner Event?

As of right now, we currently do not know for sure when the next Partner Event is going to come in Monopoly Go. Though, currently it is rumored that the next PE is going to be the Hot Rod Partners Event, and that it is arriving on or around March 15th, 2024. In any case, we’re going to find out soon if that’s really the case or not.

All Active Monopoly Go Events

Currently, there are several active Monopoly Go events. The first of these events in question is Prize Leap (Solo), and it is scheduled to last until March 1st. And the second is Feb Frenzy (Tournament), and it is also ending on March 1st. You can see our Monopoly Go Today Schedule to see when all of these special events are going to take place on each day. And to make these events a bit easier, we also recommend that you visit our Monopoly GO Free Dice Links to get all the latest Dice Links.

Can You Change Partners in Partner Event?

Sadly, this option isn’t available. While it may be added to the game in some future update, as of right now – you don’t have a way to switch to a different partner during a Partner Event. The only solution is to play through the entirety of the event with your partner.

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