Monopoly Go Extra Hearts After Event Ends

Wondering what to do with all the extra Hearts in Monopoly Go after the Valentines Day Partner Event ends? As this Partners Event is ending soon, and plenty of players have already managed to get everything there is to get out of it, the same question pops up for every PE. Namely, what to do with the Partners Event’s tokens (in this case – Hearts) once the event is over, and is there any point to getting as many of them as possible. In this article, we are going to answer what happens to these leftover tokens afterwards, as well as whether or not you should grind for more of them before that.

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Monopoly Go Extra Hearts After Event Ends
Monopoly Go Extra Hearts After Event Ends

What Happens to Extra Hearts After Partner Event Ends in Monopoly Go?

There are two possible things that are going to happen to these Hearts once the Valentines Day Partner event is over – they will either get converted into Cash or Free Dice Rolls. While we don’t know which of these two the Hearts are going to be converted into, it’s practically a guarantee that it’s going to be one or the other. So don’t worry, you haven’t wasted your time getting these additional Hearts. You will get a reward for obtaining them.

Of course, Cash and Free Dice Rolls are pretty easy to obtain in the game already, so this isn’t too big of a prize. Hopefully, sometime in the future, these extra PE Tokens are going to convert into something more worthwhile. Still, it’s definitely better than getting nothing at all. Aslo, here’s where you can find out if there are any Free Heart Links Monopoly Go Valentines Partners Event. And we also recommend that you check out our Free Monopoly GO Dice Links guide. We update it regularly, so you will always get the laters Dice Links here.

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