Monopoly Go Extra Wheels After Partner Event Ends

With the Hot Rod Partner Event currently underway in Monopoly Go, the goal here revolves around getting Steering Wheels (the name for the Tokens in this PE), which you can then use to spin for car parts. These car parts then go towards constructing cars. Once you have four cars, you will get all the available rewards here. Naturally, it can take a lot of grinding until you’ve gotten enough of these. But what to do once you have completed the event and gotten everything out of it, but still have additional Steering Wheels? That is, what happens to these Monopoly Go extra Wheels after the Partner Event ends? Read on to learn the answer.

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Monopoly Go Extra Wheels After Partner Event Ends
Monopoly Go Extra Wheels After Partner Event Ends

What Happens to Extra Wheels in Monopoly Go After Hot Rod Partner Event Ends?

Whenever a Partner Event ends with you still having some leftover Tokens (in this case, Steering Wheels), there are two possible outcomes for these extra Tokens. That is, they will either get converted into Cash or into Free Dice Rolls. Though we don’t know which one of these the Steering Wheels are going to turn into at the end of the Hot Rod Partner Event, it’s almost a set guarantee that it’s going to be either one or the other. After all, this is the way that this has worked in every past Partner Event, and there’s little reason to think that it is going to change for this one.

Although Cash and Free Dice Rolls are pretty easy to obtain in the game, it’s still good that the Extra Wheels won’t get wasted, but that you’ll at least get something worthwhile out of it. And who knows, maybe in a next Partner Event, the Tokens there are going to turn into a better reward. The odds of this happening are slim, but there’s always hope.

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