Valorant PMID Temporarily Disabled Explained

Valorant is a very popular free FPS hero shooter that scores of fans play every day. Though, since it is an online game, it does occasionally suffer from certain issues that are common to such titles. For example, you may get a mysterious notification that says “PMID Problem Generic”. But what is this error, is it serious, and can you do anything on your end to somehow fix it? We’re going to answer all of these questions in this Valorant PMID Temporarily Disabled Explained guide.

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Valorant PMID Temporarily Disabled Explained
Valorant PMID Temporarily Disabled Explained

What Does Valorant PMID Temporarily Disabled Mean?

Basically, this means that the PMID (Payment ID) has been disabled (turned off) in Valorant. This can happen either for specific regions of the world, or the entirety of the game. What this means is that, if you see this notification, you most likely won’t have the option of buying VALORANT Points (VP) or Radianite Points (RP) on your account. As there are several payment options available, this may only refer to one of them, or – it may mean that all of them are currently turned off. Note, however, that this won’t affect any VP or RP that you have already bought and have in your account.

Can You Fix Valorant PMID Temporarily Disabled Issue?

As this is a internal issue (or decision) by Riot Games, only they can take care of this. Sometimes this is a conscious decision on their part, and sometimes it is most likely down to a bug or server issues due to maintenance or a game update. If a payment method isn’t working, try another one. And if none of them are working, there’s nothing left to do but to be patient and wait until Rio Games have sorted this and re-enabled PMID. Hopefully, it won’t take too long.

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