Monster Hunter Now Special Skill Use & List

In our Monster Hunter Now Special Skill Use & List guide, we are going to show you how to use the Special Skill in the new MH game, as well as how to unlock them. After that, we will give you a list of all the Special Skills that are in the game, with a quick description of what they do. That way, you’ll know how to use them properly and not waste them by accident.

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monster hunter now special skill use & list
Monster Hunter Now Special Skill Use & List

How to Use Special Skill Monster Hunter Now

To use your Special Skill in Monster Hunter Now, you first have to unlock it. You do this by upgrading your weapon(s) of choice to Grade 2. You do that by tapping on the hunter’s weapon icon, selecting the weapon you want, and hitting that “level up” button until you’re at Grade 2. Just be sure you have enough resources, of course.

Once that’s out of the way, get into combat and keep hitting your target until the Special Skill Meter is full. That’s the orange circle above your head. Once its full, tap the Special Skill button to unleash the attack. You have to be careful when doing that, though, because proper timing is key to getting optimal results. Speaking of…

All Monster Hunter Now Special Skills List

Each weapon has a different special skill in Monster Hunter Now, as we’ve already said. All of them boil down to attacks that deal massive damage, of course. The difference is in the delivery. Here’s how each skill works.

  • Perfect Rush Combo – Sword and Shield Special Skill. Unleashes a powerful combo of several consecutive attacks, which deal massive damage but are difficult to keep in line.
  • True Charged Slash – Great Sword Special Skill. Charges your next attack with a huge amount of extra damage in a devastating downward rend.
  • Spirit Helm Breaker – Long Sword Special Skill. You jump into the air and deliver a lot of damage after plunging into the enemy, unless they dodge out of the way while you’re airborne.
  • Spinning Bludgeon – Hammer Special Skill. Swings the hammer around several times, dealing damage the whole way through, ending the combo in a massive upward attack.
  • Wyvernblast Counter – Light Bowgun Special Skill. Fires a single supercharged round that deals a lot of explosive damage to the target.
  • Dragon Piercer – Bow Special Skill. Fires a single arrow that pierces through the whole monster, dealing damage to each part that it touches, so be sure to hit as much of the enemy as you can.
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