How to Open Ron Hope's Office in Starfield

Ron Hope is the owner of HopeTech and one of the most important citizens of Hopetown, the city on the planet of Polvo in the Valo Star System. You will first gain entrance to his office during the “Where Hope is Built” mission, which is part of the Freestar Rangers questline. This is straightforward enough, and you would expect that it’s simple enough to get back here whenever you choose to. However, this isn’t the case. Once you leave Hopetown after this, the next time you try to come into his office, you will see that it is sealed down tight. Which begs the question – how to open Ron Hope’s office in Starfield? That’s what we’re here to answer.

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How to Open Ron Hope's Office in Starfield
How to Open Ron Hope’s Office in Starfield

How to Get Into Ron Hope’s Office in Starfield

While your first instinct here is probably to either see if the door can be lockpicked, or if there is a computer terminal that controls the door – neither of these are available, unfortunately. But surely there must be a key, so where is it and who can you pickpocket it from? Again – no, there’s no key. So is there any way you can even get inside? Luckily, there is indeed a method that you can use to gain entry into Ron Hope’s Office.

The method involves taking a different route to his office from the factory. Starting from the entrance of the building, enter the doors that are left from the front desk there. This will get you to the factory floor. Next, take the stairs up until you reach the third floor. From there, you will then be able to get inside Ron Hope’s Office in Starfield. It isn’t locked, so you can simply open it. Though, if you don’t want any problems, it’s best to do this at night, while the office is empty. Then you can take everything there, including an item for the Akila City Coe Heritage Museum.

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