Monster Hunter Stories 2 Legiana Location

Legiana is one of the most powerful creatures in Monster Hunter Stores 2, but its location can be hard to figure out. Since MH Stories 2 allows its players to add Monsties into their parties and use them in combat, getting your very own Legiana is definitely worth it. Even better, the Legiana allows you to fly. So, if you are unsatisfied with your Ratha, you can always swap it out for the Legiana. In this Monster Hunter Stories 2 Legiana Location guide, we will explain how you can get the Legiana, along with other important details, such as where it will most likely spawn.

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Monster Hunter Stories 2 Legiana Location

How To Get Legiana in MH Stories 2

To be able to get a Legiana, players will first need to beat the game. Of course, this is easier said than done, but it is the only way. In the third region of the game, there is a story mission and at the end of it – you will face Legiana as a boss. After you have defeated it, it will then start appearing in other locations across the game. Currently, two locations are your best bet to get it. The first one is the Lavina Glacial Peaks in Loloska. The quickest way is to fast travel to the Catavan Stand. Then, walk up the path that leads to the center between the snow-capped peaks. There is a chance that you will encounter a Legiana while on this path. The second reliable location is the Rare Monster Dens. Also a part of the Lavina Glacial Peaks, go inside to check out if you can find a Legiana there. If you cannot find it in any of these two areas, you should try changing your time zones and going back to Catavan Stand to try again. Repeat until a Legiana appears. We hope that you have found our Monster Hunter Stories 2 Legiana Location guide useful. Follow these instructions, and you will soon have a Legiana of your very own.

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