Mauer Der Toten Headgear Parts

Mauer Der Toten headgear parts in COD Cold War are parts of an upgrade of sorts that you can place on Klaus, a strange robot that delights in violence and is more than willing to help you on your zombie-slaying crusade. That being the case, you want to give him as much power as you can. That said, finding all the pieces of Klaus’s headgear is more complicated than you might thing, which is why we’ve put together this guide.

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mauer der toten headgear parts
Mauer Der Toten Headgear Parts

Where to Find Klaus Headgear Parts in Mauer der Toten

To find the Klaus headgear parts in COD Cold War Mauer der Toten, you need to shoot three seemingly random objects. Perhaps even more importantly, you need to shoot these objects using the new wonder weapon. When you do that, they will drop one piece of the headgear, and you need to collect three of them. With all of that said, here’s a list of things you need to fire at.

  • Shoot the radio tower near the spawn point, in the Apartment Rooftop area.
  • Shoot the radio in the Electronics Store off of East Berlin Streets (it can spawn on several different shelves).
  • Head down into the Ghost Station area, find the sign Weinmeisterstrasse above the ticket window, and shoot the green light to the right of the sign.

Once you’ve collected all three pieces of the puzzle, go down to Klaus’s location in the Safe House area. Interact with him, and you should get the “building” bar on the HUD. Once the bar is full, you’re good to go. That’s basically all there is to the Mauer der Toten headgear parts for Klaus and how to use them.

If you’re having trouble with other stuff on the COD Cold War Mauer der Toten map, we’ve got a few other guides that you might want to check out. Among other stuff, we’ve written Easter Egg Bunny Parts and Klaus Hands & Parts. Hope you find them useful!

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