Monster Hunter Stories 2 Palamute - Ticket & Egg

The Palamute has arrived to Monster Hunter Stories 2: Wings of Ruin and its ticket & egg are up for grabs. Monster Hunter Rise players are already more than familiar with this monster and MHS2 players are finally getting a chance to get to know them better, too. The Palamute is a beast that resembles an oversized wolf. They can be used as mounts, letting you ride them all across the map, and they will also join you in battle. All in all, they are definitely worth having. So, in our Monster Hunter Stories 2 Palamute – Ticket & Egg guide, we will show what you need to do in order to get it.

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Monster Hunter Stories 2 Palamute - Ticket & Egg

How to Get Palamute Monster Hunter Stories 2

In order to be able to get the Palamute, you will first need to download the free update which is dropping July 15th. This update will get you a Palamute Ticket. Next, go to the Quest Board. Here, you will receive a 5-star co-op expedition quest titled Palamute Den. At the end of this quest you will get your very own Palamute egg. You will be able to hatch this egg into a fully-grown Palamute. To set it apart from regular dogs in the game, the Palamute will hatch with clothes already on. To ride it, simply select it as your Main Monstie. When you ride it, you won’t spend your stamina, and the Palamute can climb vines and dash.

Besides this, the Palamute also has another awesome thing going for it. Depending on which Palamute egg you’ve got, different Palamutes can hatch with different elements. This means that you can fill up your crew with multiple Palamutes – all of them with other elements. We hope that our Monster Hunter Stories 2 Palamute – Ticket & Egg guide has answered any Palamute-related questions you may have had. Happy Monster hunting!

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