Klaus Hands & Parts - Mauer Der Toten in Cold War

Cold War Mauer Der Toten Klaus hands and parts are items that you’ll have to collect on this map in order to reactivate Klaus, an army robot with a thirst for war. If you do manage to pull it off, you’ll get what amounts to a very powerful NPC fighting on your side, and when it comes to zombies, you can use every pair of hands, even if you happened to discover said hands around the neck of a dead body in a random hotel room. What the frick am I talking about? Well, keep reading this guide to find out!

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klaus hands & parts mauer der toten in cold war
Klaus Hands & Parts – Mauer Der Toten in Cold War

Klaus Hands & Parts Locations – Mauer Der Toten

To find the locations of Klaus parts and hands in the Cold War Mauer der Toten map, you’re gonna have to jump through some hoops. First off, you’re going to need a microwave dish (as in a transmitter, not a microwaved TV dinner). You get this by searching the debris piles around watchtowers, like the ones around Checkpoint Charlie. The dish drops from one of these piles, and it’s random every time, so you’ll just have to search them all until you get what you need.

The next step is to get a battery. To do that, you have to play until you reach Round 10. At this point, a panzer zombie is going to spawn, and once you destroy it, you should get the battery. This type of zombie only spawns every ten rounds, so make it count. Now for the final part – the Klaus hands.

To get the Klaus hands part in Cold War Mauer Der Toten, first, make sure you get the Brain Rot perk. Then, make your way however you can to Hotel Room 305 (you can get there via the zipline on the fifth floor of the Apartments, accessible through the roof). Once in Room 305, you’ll see that the way to the bedroom is blocked. Use Brain Rot on a nearby zombie, and it should break through the barricade. Move into the bedroom and collect the hands from around the neck of the corpse in the bed.

Now, you just have to activate Klaus. Long story short, go to the Garment Factory to install the dish. This step is not necessary, but you will need it in order to upgrade Klaus. Then, make your way down to the Maintenance Tunnels, find the shut-off Klaus sitting in a chair, and reactivate it.

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    Thank you for this it really helped my boyfriend because he got to the point where he was checking every trashcan on the map! I don’t understand how the devs expected you to guess this…but you really helped with a really clear explanation so thank you

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