My Dragon Simulator Codes Roblox January 2022

Out of the many mythological creatures that roam in our collective imaginations, none have delighted – and terrified – us as much as dragons. Sometimes good, oftentimes evil, these massive beasts of legends possess the power to fly and breathe fire. This has made Dragons the stars of many video games, movies, and TV shows. One of the most popular Dragon-themed franchises is the How to Train Your Dragon, which has spanned three feature-length movies and a TV show. Of course, since Roblox creators often find inspiration in such well-known settings, it’s no surprise that My Dragon Simulator is a Roblox title that deals with dragons. And, to make playing this even more enjoyable and easier, we have compiled this My Dragon Simulator Codes Roblox January 2022 guide, which not only has all the currently working codes for this title, but also explains what you need to do to redeem them.

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My Dragon Simulator Codes Roblox January 2022

Codes for My Dragon Simulator Roblox January 2022

A quick and brief disclaimer before we get into the codes themselves. Like with every other Roblox title which has codes for it, those for My Dragon Simulator also entirely depend on its developers. It is only they that can disable, enable, delete, or add new codes to it. So, if a code is no longer functioning, this means that the developers have disabled it and there isn’t anything we can do about that on our end. With that said, let’s see which codes are currently available. Since My Dragon Simulator is a new game, at this moment, there’s just one code for it:

  • RELEASE – When you redeem this code, you will get a Free Coin Boost.

How to Redeem My Dragon Simulator Codes

First, go to the official My Dragon Simulator Roblox page and start the game. Press the Twitter icon. It is located on the left side of the screen. Copy the code from our guide and paste it in the blue redemption box there. Press the “Submit” button. The code will now be redeemed in-game for you to use and enjoy.

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