NBA 2K21 Error Code 727e66ac Bug Fix

There’s a nasty new bug in NBA 2K21 that’s stopping people from enjoying MyCareer entirely. It is followed by the error code 727e66ac, and it usually happens when you try playing MyPark. It’s supposed to be a problem in communication with the game’s servers, but it completely freezes your entire character. If you don’t want to have to start over with a new player, this guide will show you NBA 2K21 Error Code 727e66ac Bug Fix.

nba 2k21 error code 727e66ac bug fix
NBA 2K21 Error Code 727e66ac Bug Fix

How to fix Error Code 727e66ac?

People who’ve experienced this bug say it usually pops up when they try going into MyPark after a career game. There are several things you can try if it happens to you, but none of them are guaranteed to work.

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The most popular solution is to make a new character and start their career, skipping the prelude. The error code should stop you from progressing, but if you return to your old character, it should now work. There’s also a version in which you delete the new character after getting the error code, before going back to the original one, so you can try both.

Joining people on your friends list for a multiplayer game also helped some players. There’s also talk of switching save slots.

If you’re playing on Playstation, it might’ve been caused by the firmware update. You should go to save data management and upload all the game data from NBA 2K21 to the cloud. Make a local copy on a USB stick for good measure – can’t be too careful. Delete the save data afterwards, then restart the console and make sure the update is installed. Download the save data from online storage/your USB and start the game – it should allow you to continue where you left off.

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    I spend all this money on this game..buying vc making builds for nothing…2K21 is the worst ever…I can’t play with none of my builds error code 727e66ac…this is not right…stop taking money from me it’s not fair..I keep making new builds an can’t never play with them

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    I keep geting these codes

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