NBA 2K22 Best Finishing Badges

In NBA 2k22, the best finishing badges can make or break your player. There are 80 badges available for you to choose from in total. NBA 2k22 has also introduced a points system in which these can upgrade. Defense, finishing, playmaking, and shooting are the four categories they fall under. Read on as we discuss the best finishing badges for NBA 2k22.

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NBA 2K22 Best Finishing Badges
NBA 2K22 Best Finishing Badges

Fearless Finisher

The defense system has increased greatly in NBA 2k22, and to counter this you need the Fearless Finisher badge. This will increase the ability to finish through contact layups. It does so while decreasing the energy used. Without it, you will struggle to finish with even the best of the NBA players. You will find that many of your shots get blocked if you don’t have this badge.

Pro Touch

Pro touch is another badge to assist with layups. It increases the ability to convert a shot after early releases and in tough situations. All you need to do is work on the correct timing and you receive the boost.

Putback Boss

Putback Boss can be an outstanding finisher badge, but it does require you to build a character in a certain way to get the most. Work on building your offensive rebound to a high level. This will come into effect when attempting a putback after an offensive rebound. It should increase your shot percentage.

Giant Slayer

Giant Slayer is the badge you need for taking on tall defenders by increasing the efficiency of layups. If your player is short, it is a badge you can not do without. Combine it with Pro Touch and Fearless Finisher for a perfect trifecta.

Slithery Finisher

Slithery Finisher is another badge for use against taller players. Its purpose is to help you avoid contact when you are trying to score in tight situations around a guarded rim.  Instead of helping your finishing in a traditional sense, it will give a huge boost to the other badges you have.

Grace Under Pressure

Grace Under Pressure is a great choice for bigger characters. It increases the ability to convert standing layups. This is a brand new badge for 2k22 and should be worked up to the Hall of Fame level.

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