NBA 2k22 HypeBeast Outfit

NBA 2k22 is packed with game modes and quests, one of which is to find the Hypebeast Outfit. This allows you to meet Carlos Carillo, the designer for the official NBA team affiliation clothing. However, the Hypebeast clothing is not labeled clearly. Many people are also having trouble finding it in the many shops in the game. Read on as we tell you how to complete the Hypebeast Outfit Challenge in NBA 2k22.

NBA 2k22 HypeBeast Outfit
NBA 2k22 HypeBeast Outfit

There are three requirements in the quest. Each of them is quite vague. Many people have done exactly what the challenge asks without any payoff. You may also find you are spending your hard-earned VC on clothing items that don’t complete the challenge. There are a few similar fashion quests that you can read about in our guide here.

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  • Show off your outfit in your next NBA game
  • Hit the City Runway in your meanest fit. Streetwear is about being big and bold
  • Play your next NBA game then call on Andrew Torres in the postgame scrum

Where to Buy NBA 2k22 Hypebeast Outfit – Put on the Best Street Wear

The trick lies in the icons next to items of clothing. Each type has a distinctive logo. For example, suits have a corporate tag, jerseys have an NBA tag, and such forth. These vague fashion quests are quite common in the game. If you are having trouble with others such as the unique outfit quest, check our guide. For this task, you are looking for items that have the black and white megaphone icon on them.

The best place to find this clothing is in the shop named Alter Ego. You can also get some items in the Swags store and affiliation clothing shops. You won’t need a full wardrobe of this stuff. One of two items will do.

They also don’t come cheap. Some of the lowest-priced items are the fedora and golf hat at 2000 VC, with others numbering around 5000 VC. Once you have an item, put on the best streetwear with your Hypebeast clothing and hit the runway. This should put you on the right track to complete the quest.

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