NBA 2k22 Elevator Not Working Bug Fix - Unable to Connect to Server

A recent update on NBA 2k22 has left the elevator not working and the message – ‘Unable to connect to server’ appearing, meaning many people need a bug fix. Without the elevator, you can not travel to the areas in the game. This severely limits your play and progress. Instead of waiting for 2k to fix it, there are some tactics you can try. Read on as we give a fix for the NBA 2k22 elevator unable to connect to server bug.

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NBA 2k22 Elevator Not Working Bug Fix - Unable to Connect to Server
NBA 2k22 Elevator Not Working Bug Fix – Unable to Connect to Server

How to Fix NBA 2k22 Elevator Not Working Glitch – Unable to Connect to Server

The bug occurs in NBA 2k22 when you try to use the elevator and see the command ‘Unable to connect to server.’ As this limits gameplay, you need a way around it. It is either that or wait for 2k to come up with a solution.

One easy method that works for some people is to walk up to the elevator in the promenade. If the bug occurs, then run away from the elevator and return to it a few times. Trying it again may let you connect.

Another method is to use your phone to fix the NBA 2k22 elevator bug. Check through your friend’s list. Look for anyone currently playing NBA 2k22 and invite them to your neighborhood to play. That way you can join up and get into the place you want to be. Of course, this does depend on how many friends you have and what they are doing at that time.

While this bug happens on several different elevators, many people have reported the one in NBA 2k22 My Court seems to display the unable to connect message less often. It may only let you visit the rec. The elevator in the practice facility also is one that is working more often than others, so you could try that.

Finally, try going to the Pro-Am. Go to the area where you buy clothes, then run back to where it says lobby and enter. This seems to work for most people 100% of the time.

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