NBA 2k22 How to Claim Daily Spin Prize

If you are wondering how to claim the daily spin prize in NBA 2k22, you are not alone. Free VC and skills are on offer every day if you log on and take a spin. This is essential for anyone who wants to push on in MyCareer mode. Unfortunately, the spin wheel is not always that easy to find. Read on as we tell you how to claim the daily spin prize in NBA 2k22.

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NBA 2k22 How to Claim Daily Spin Prize
NBA 2k22 How to Claim Daily Spin Prize

NBA 2k22 Daily Spin Prize Location Current Gen and Next Gen

The first location is for anyone on the cruise ship. Head to the elevator and select deck 14. You have a choice between the game room or anteroom. Select the game room. Multiple wheels are placed around the walls. Select the power of the spin and the television screen above the wheel should reveal what you have won.

Anyone on a next-gen console that has played 2k22 will recognize the familiar daily spin system. There is one wheel for every affiliation in the central city courtyard. You can check if daily spins are available, and their location, by looking at the map. If you find you have won an item of clothing, you will then need to head over to the store to claim the free item and transfer it to your inventory.

Unfortunately, it seems that a bug is affecting many people’s ability to claim daily spin prizes related to the store. Items that can be redeemed from the store are still showing as full price. Some items may have different options, and only some versions may be available to redeem. Make sure you cycle through and check them all. Other than that, it may be a fix that only NBA 2k22 can address.

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    Courtney Shipley

    Where is it!! Everyone is talking about where to go in the building nobody knows where the fuck the building is please help help help

    1. C

      It’s on deck 14. Hit me up if you want to get some play in. Smokeythaclown

  2. N

    Thanks for literally not answering it and wasting everyone’s time

    1. T

      Deck 14 game room, daily spin wheel (not elite). when you win something take note of what you won and where the reward is located. Ex. If you earned free shirt from swags you have to go to Swags merchandise shop in the shopping promenade and pick out which shirt you want, add to cart, and check out. Reward claimed. Easy as that.

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