NBA 2K22 Request a Trade

When you want to request a trade during NBA 2k22, you will find it much more complicated than 2k21. While the process is simple, unlocking the option to do this can be time-consuming. Many people find the request trade option says the feature is not accessible. To get this working, you have to take a specific route through the story. We guide you through how to request a trade in NBA 2k22.

How to Request a Trade in NBA 2k22

NBA 2K22 Request a Trade
NBA 2K22 Request a Trade

The first key cutscene will involve you talking to your manager. It may take around 15 to 20 games before you can reach this point. He will ask you if the rumours are true about you wanting to move on. After this, you will have the option of telling him if you are where you want to be, or you want a fresh start somewhere else. You should tell him you want to be elsewhere.

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The next key cutscene is in the office with your agent. They will talk about if you want to go public with your request for a transfer or quell the rumour. This will end with one of the agents asking where you want to go.

You can select a possible three teams from the list. You should think about this carefully, as it is not guaranteed you will get your top choice. The next question she poses is if you want to play the long game and do the professional thing or make it happen fast. Choosing either of these will work.

After a few more games, you will return to another cutscene with the manager. He will talk about arranging a meeting with your agent. The final cutscene takes place in a corridor with you and the manager arguing. After this, a few more games will see you switched to one of your three choices. If you want to rush ahead, you can simulate these games until the switch takes place. This guide from YouTuber DreyGames can give you a visual guide to the whole process.

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    what if i said i did not want to trade and the rumors were false. then 30 games in i start to regret it will i be able to trade or is that impossible after saying i didnt

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    What if u miss the cut sceene will i still be able to get traded

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