NBA 2K22 Meet the Designers Carlos, Sarah, Sasha, Andrew - Fashion Quest

The NBA 2K22 Meet the Designers Fashion quest – Carlos, Sarah, Sasha, Andrew requires you to buy clothes from a specific designer, but it doesn’t really explain how that works. The biggest problem is that they don’t do a good job of telling you which outfit to buy for the NBA 2K22 fashion quest. Even if you do manage to figure that out, you still might not understand how to complete the quest. So, that’s exactly what we’ll be showing you in our NBA 2K22 Meet the Designers Carlos, Sarah, Sasha, Andrew – Fashion Quest guide.

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nba 2k22 meet the designers carlos sarah sasha andrew fashion quest
NBA 2K22 Meet the Designers Carlos, Sarah, Sasha, Andrew – Fashion Quest

How to Complete Meet the Designers NBA 2K22 Fashion Quest – Carlos, Sarah, Sasha, Andrew

To complete the NBA 2K22 Meet the Designers fashion quest, you’ll have to buy clothes that the designer you got, Carlos, Sarah, Sasha, Andrew, would approve of. First off, the designer you get depends on your city affiliation – North Side Knights, Western Wildcats, South City Vipers, and Beasts of the East. The quest works exactly the same no matter your designer and affiliation; the only difference is which store you need to visit. We’ll be using Carlos as an example.

So, to begin with, you need to visit the area of town you’re affiliated with and go into their clothing store. In the case of Carlos, it’s the Beasts of the East store. Go into the shop and buy literally the cheapest thing you can find, like a headband for 1000 VC.

Update: Unfortunately Sasha is bugged so you’ll have to try several things:
Most players reported that you just need to put on one piece of clothing with an NBA logo. If you are already wearing NBA clothes before the quest it won’t finish the quest. Thus, you have to change your outfits quickly to some other brand, then put it back on. Second option is to wear Luka Doncic Shirt. Thisr option are Adidas compression shirt and normal Adidas shorts. I mean, you can construct a whole outfit if you want to, but there’s no reason to spend the money if you don’t want to.

Next, equip the clothes you got from the affiliate shop and go onto the runway to participate in the fashion show. Lastly, play an NBA game as your character to show off the clothes even further. Following these last steps is necessary to complete the quest. That’s all there is to it, but whoever designed the mission definitely didn’t do a great job explaining it. I hope this guide helps you out.

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  1. B
    Bruno A Mendonça

    Sasha don´t work friend

    1. N

      The Luka jersey worked for me for sasha

  2. T
    Tyler Bertin

    this did not help at all… sasha won’t complete… tried many many options, nothing has worked

    1. T
      Tolga yilmaz

      Just wear the grey sweatpants you start off with for sasha

  3. P

    I’m stucked on “Play your next nba game, then call on Andrew Torres in the postgame scrum”. I didnt know what is a postgame scrum, neither how to call him. Someone can help me to finish this?

  4. S

    I used some adidas gear for Sasha and it worked for me

  5. A
    Anthony T

    Big glitch!! No info online, every time I finish the gamel crashes after it shows the screen about your personal brand. Problem makes it impossible for me to play a my career game and keep my averages and wins up. I’m getting mypoints for it but when I load back into the game I have no choice but to sim to end and skip the interview with Andrew Torres

  6. K

    To complete the sasha quest you have to go to the training facility and meet with the pr director. Uou apparently have a feud with torres, she is going to tell you that he is a fan doncic and you get a pair sneakers that you have yo give to torres. Once done play your next game and you will automatically call on torres.

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