NBA 2K22 Coach Drills

Coach Drills in NBA 2K22 are a mechanic that you have to unlock in order to complete one of your Season Goals quests. Specifically, that mission requires you to complete two drills, but doesn’t explain how to unlock them. That’s especially confusing for those of you that have played previous installments. So, we’ve put together this guide to show you how to unlock coach drills for the Season Goals quest.

nba 2k22 coach drills
NBA 2K22 Coach Drills

How to Unlock NBA 2K22 Coach Drills – Season Goals

To unlock NBA 2K22 coach drills for the Season Goals, in which you need to complete two drills, you basically have to play about ten or so MyCAREER matches, and try to get at least a B rating in them. After you do that, you should get a Career quest called Scheduled Coach Drills. Mark the quest and head into the team practice facility. The coach should be in the middle, between two courts. Approach the NPC and interact with them to begin the drill. You can unlock a second set of drills about fourteen or fifteen games in, as long as you keep your rating high. I’m not 100% sure if you need to unlock both sets, or if doing the first set twice is enough to complete the Season Goal mission, so be sure to try it both ways.

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Now, of course, figuring out how to unlock the coach drills is not only good for the Season Goals quests. You can get a solid amount of practice in, which can be extremely useful. But, yeah, that’s how you get NBA 2K22 coach drills – just play matches in MyCAREER, keep your rating high, and wait for the game to prompt you with the Scheduled Coach Drills quest. If you need help with something else in the game, we have a few other guides you can check out. For example, we’ve got Meet the Designers, Put On a Unique Outfit – You Gotta Start Somewhere and many others.

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