Nightingale Best Realm Cards to Use

If you want to know what the best Realm Cards to use in Nightingale are, as well as what Realm Cards are in the first place, you’ve come to the right place. In this guide, we are going to explain everything you need to know on the subject: what the different cards are, what they do in general, and more. Let’s begin!

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nightingale best realm cards to use
Nightingale Best Realm Cards to Use

What Are Realm Cards in Nightingale?

Before we talk about what the best Realm Cards to use in Nightingale are, we do first need to explain what they are. These are craftable items that you place down after interacting with one of the Arcane Portal Device. Anywhere between three and five can be placed, depending on which device you’re using. If you want to open a portal to a different Realm and explore it (and extract resources), that’s what you need the cards for.

These cards come in three categories: Biome, Minor and Major. You need at least one Biome card placed, and then you can add up to two Minor and Major cards (again, depending on the device). The Biome card determines, well, the nature of the place the portal will take you to. If you place Swamp, you’ll go to a swamp. The Minor and Major cards determine the different creatures you’ll encounter on your expedition.

Best Realm Cards to Use in Nightingale

Now we can get to the best Realm Cards to use in Nightingale. One more side note, though: you can also use some of these on your own home realm via the Realmic Transmute machines. You can only have one Minor card active at a time, but still, they can give you some very useful effects. For example, Harvester Workshop lets you craft tools that grant you larger yields at a smaller stamina expenditure. Granted, the damage is lessened, but this card is for getting resources, not combat. The Settler card increases the yield of refined building materials and crops, plus improves the fortitude of your structures, at the cost of your stamina replenishing much slower. So, slot it out when not building or gathering crops. Thinned Veil lets you move faster and jump further and negates a lot of falling damage (all of that at a decreased stamina cost), but increases the drain of durability.

So, those are some of the best cards to slot in and out in your home realm. As for the Arcane Portal devices, well… we can’t really recommend the best ones there. Those will depend entirely on what you’re trying to achieve in the other realm.

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