Nikke Codes, Goddess of Victory CD Key Gift Codes November

Here you’ll find a complete list of all active Goddess of Victory Nikke gift codes which you can redeem to get exclusive rewards. The gacha Sci-Fi RPG shooter is finally here, and it has arrived with a myriad of activities for you to jump right into. Unfortunately, it also has a rather steep unlocking curve, and you’ll definitely need to spend some of your hard-earned cash if you plan to try all characters. Luckily, with some free Gems, things will be a tad bit easier. Redeem these Nikke Codes for November 2022 to get free gems and more!

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Nikke Codes, Goddess of Victory CD Key Gift Codes November

All Goddess of Victory Nikke Codes, CD Key Gifts November 2022

Below, you’ll find all currently active Nikke CD Keys. The game has just been released, and thus, there aren’t many Nikke CD Keys currently. However, we’re sure that the developer will add more codes as time passes. As is usual with these codes, they don’t last forever. Rather, they can expire at any given moment. Thus, make sure to redeem them as soon as possible if you want to claim the rewards. With that said, here are all currently working Goddess of Victory Nikke Codes for November 2022:


How to Redeem Goddess of Victory Nikke CD Keys

In order to redeem these codes, you’ll first need to complete the tutorial – Stages 1 to 4. Once you are done with it, do as follows:

  • Tap on the Notice button in the top-right corner of the Lobby screen.
  • Under “Event Notice” tap on the CD-Key Redemption Portal.
  • Enter a CD Key you wish to redeem.
  • Tap on the “Redeem Now” button to complete the process.

And that’s it, you’ve completed the process. If everything was done correctly, you should receive your rewards via the in-game mail system. Head there and claim them! For other Nikke codes, just repeat the process again! It should be noted that one code can be only activated once per account. Finally, as we’ve already stated, make sure to redeem all new codes as soon as possible, as they may become invalid!

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