Nintendo Switch Error Code 2813-0988 Explained

Nintendo Error Code 2813-0988 is something you definitely don’t want to see when you are using your Nintendo Switch. The popular Nintendo console has been experiencing more issues than usual lately. And one of the most common in 2022 is Switch Error Code 2813-0988, which is related to the Nintendo eShop. In this guide, we explain in detail what is this error code, why it appears, and what can you do to fix it.

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Nintendo Switch Error Code 2813-0988 Explained

How to fix Error Code 2813-0988 Nintendo Switch

The 2813-0988 error occurs when players try to use the Nintendo eShop. You would try to connect to the eShop, but instead of browsing what you want to purchase, you will fail to connect and a message with this error will appear. The message that accompanies this error reads as follows: “An error has occurred. Please try again later. If the problem persists, please restart Nintendo eShop and try again. If restarting does not fix the problem, please refer to the Nintendo Support Website.”

Thus, the first logical step you should try in order to fix the problem is restarting the eShop. However, that will most likely not be of any help. The second thing you can do is restart your Switch. We are fairly sure that this will not fix the issue as well, but it is a standard procedure, so just in case. So, what can you actually do in order to fix the Nintendo Switch Error Code 2813-0988 issue?

Unfortunately, this has nothing to do with you and it is a server-related problem. As explained on the official Nintendo Support website, “This error indicates that there is likely a temporary service outage related to Nintendo eShop for Nintendo Switch.” This means that there is some problem with the Nintendo servers which is hindering all online services, including the eShop.

In order to find out if there are any problems with Nintendo servers, check out the official Network Maintenance Information page. If the page states that there’s an outage, that’s the reason why are you getting Nintendo Error Code 2813-0988. In that case, simply wait for the servers to get back online, and then try to reconnect to the eShop again.

Nintendo Switch Error Code 2813-0988
Error Code 2813-0988
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