Nintendo Switch Sports Pro League Explained

In this guide, we’re going to give you all the details on how to unlock Pro League in Nintendo Switch Sports and more. It is a process that’s a little obscure, but it’s actually pretty simple. We’ll also show you how to pause the Pro League so that you can play freely without messing up your rank. Lastly, we’ll discuss whether or not you can play Pro League in co-op. So, with the introductio out of the way, let’s dive straight into the meat of the matter, shall we?

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nintendo switch sports pro league explained
Nintendo Switch Sports Pro League Explained

How to Unlock Nintendo Switch Sports Pro League

When it comes to how to unlock Pro League in Nintendo Switch Sports, you just have to play the sport in online matches for long enough. For example, you need to play, say, ten online matches of Bowling to unlock the Bowling Pro League. You have to go through this process for every sport individually. Now, you don’t have to win these matches, but that seems to increase the number you need to play to unlock the Pro League. People are reporting having to go through up to thirty online matches for Tennis and Volleyball. So, just stick with it.

Either way, you’ll get the notification when you unlock a Pro League in a sport. The game will explain everything you need to know at that point, including how the ladder works. If you want to pause the Pro League, go into the options in the Play Globally menu, then go into Pro League settings. From there, you can pause the Pro League in any sport. That way, you can play freely without your rank being affected.

Can You Play Co-Op Pro League Matches in Nintendo Switch Sports

No, you can’t really play Nintendo Switch Sports coop Pro League matches once you unlock them. I mean, you can still play co-op matches both online or on the couch, as it were. However, when you’re playing with friends or randos on the internet this way, your Pro League rank won’t move. That makes perfect sense to me, in all honesty. Otherwise, what’s to stop people from playing with friends who then intentionally lose? That would give everyone an unfair advantage to say the least. And if everyone’s doing it, then the very idea of ranked competition becomes complete pointless. So, yeah, when it comes to the Pro League, you’re on your own. On the bright side, if a friend ends up kicking your butt, your rank will be safe.

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    I play Golf and Tennis online co-op and not having rank just removes half the fun. You can’t cheat in tennis as you pair up together and rank up together and in golf why would you want to lose to help someone else and not rank up yourself. Not having Pro League/Rank in co-op online is not great to be honest and should be changed

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