Omega Strikers Tier List, Best Characters Ranked

In this guide, we are going to give you a ranked tier list of the best characters in Omega Strikers. Well, all characters, in fact, and we’re going to decide which are the best. I’m sure you’re not going to like some of our choices, but trust us, we’ve tried to stay as objective as possible. Let’s dive in.

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omega strikers tier list best characters ranked
Omega Strikers Tier List, Best Characters Ranked

Omega Strikers Characters Tier List

The ranked tier list of Omega Strikers characters below is based on several criteria. Well, two, to be exact. The first one is how well they do on the field, of course. The second is how they perform in their specific positions. For example, Kai is not going to be the most useful as a forward, but as a goalie, he’s a star. On the other hand, Luna is a fantastic goalkeeper, but Kai is even better. These criteria are also the reason why some fan favorites score so low. I’m sorry, I know they’re adorable, but they’re just not that good.

  • S-tier – Juliette (exceptionally OP at the moment), Era, Estelle, Kai (as a goalkeeper), Asher
  • A-tier – Atlas, Drek’Ar, Luna (only because Kai is the superior goalkeeper), X
  • B-tier – Dubu (yes, a fan favorite, but doesn’t stack up in higher-level games)
  • C-tier – Juno (same as Dubu)
  • D-tier – None yet

So, that’s our ranked tier list of Omega Strikers characters. If you disagree with our choices, feel free to share your own list in the comments below. Just keep things civil down there, and we’ll all get along swimmingly. One more thing we do have to note is that the list can change over time as the developers nerf and buff the characters. They might decide to strengthen fan favorites, for example, who knows? That’s just the nature of games like this; they never remain the same from start to finish. We’ll try and keep the ranked list up to date as often as we can.

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