Overwatch 2 One Punch Man Skins, Genji, Kiriko, Doomfist & Soldier 76

The recently announced Overwatch 2 One Punch Man skins for Genji, Kiriko, Doomfist & Soldier: 76 are now available for all players who want them. In this guide, we are going to give you a list of these cosmetics and explain how to get them. Plus, we will talk about the other One Punch Man-themed cosmetics that you can earn. Let’s just jump into it, shall we?

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overwatch 2 one punch man skins genji kiriko doomfist & soldier 76
Overwatch 2 One Punch Man Skins, Genji, Kiriko, Doomfist & Soldier 76

Overwatch 2 All One Punch Man Skins List

There are four One Punch Man skins you’ll be able to get in Overwatch 2, for Genji, Doomfist, Kiriko and Soldier: 76. According to the official announcement, these cosmetics will be available from March 7th to April 6th. The skins are not the only One Punch Man-themed cosmetics for you to collect, but let’s be honest, they are the main draw. Three of these you have to buy from the store, and one you can earn by playing the game. With all that said, here’s a list of skins and which character they are for.

  • Saitama skin for Doomfist
  • Genos skin for Genji
  • Terrible Tornado skin for Kiriko
  • Mumen Rider skin for Soldier: 76

How to Get Overwatch 2 One Punch Man Crossover Skins

To get the One Punch Man crossover skins, you are going to have to purchase them in bundles from the in-game store, with the exception of the Mumen Rider. Sure, the post does mention that “all three bundles will be offered together at a discount,” but still, it’s so frustrating. That’s not to say that there’s nothing you can get without spending money. In fact, here’s a list of things you can earn by playing any Unranked, Competitive, or Arcade games:

  • 4 games played – Saitama’s Fist Weapon Charm
  • 8 games played – Mumen Rider Name Card
  • 12 games played – Cyclist of Justice Victory Pose for Soldier: 76
  • 16 games played – Justice Crash Highlight Intro for Soldier: 76
  • 20 games played – Boros Weapon Charm
  • 24 games played – Legendary Mumen Rider-Soldier: 76 skin
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