Oni Dog with Bandana, Kibi Dango Location Ghostwire Tokyo

In our Oni Dog with Bandana, Kibi Dango Location Ghostwire Tokyo guide, we’ll cover all the important points of this side quest. To begin with, we’ll show you where to start the Search for a Dog with Bandana oni side mission in Ghostwire Tokyo. After that, we’ll show you where to find the location of a Kibi Dango in Ghostwire Tokyo, and what it even is. Let’s begin!

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oni dog with bandana kibi dango location ghostwire tokyo
Oni Dog with Bandana, Kibi Dango Location Ghostwire Tokyo

Search for a Dog with Bandana Ghostwire Tokyo Oni Side Mission

The Search for a Dog with Bandana Oni sidemission in Ghostwire Tokyo involves giving said dog a Kibi Dango, but we’ll get to that in a minute. First off, you need to go to the location east of Hirokawa Shrine that we’ll show you in the screenshots below. When you get to this corner, you’ll see a large sign that says “TULITORBUCKS.” Below it, you’ll see a ghostly image of a man. Talk with him, and you’ll hear a protracted story about a dog who can summon an oni.

Once that’s done with, head down the street leading south from the “ghost,” turn to the right, and cross the street towards the bike garage. You’ll spot a little, white shiba inu wearing a bandana. Interact with it, and you’ll find out that it’ll only summon the oni if you give it a Kibi Dango. That brings us to our next point.

Ghostwire Tokyo Kibi Dango Location

The location of the Kibi Dango in the Ghostwire Tokyo Oni Dog with Bandana side mission is actually close to the little shiba. Turn away from the pooch to face east and turn right at the corner. This will take you up a street leading southeast. Cross the street and keep going southeast until you come across a FujiyaMart. Talk to the floating cat behind the counter and purchase a Kibi Dango for 150 meika. It’s like three little balls of dough on a stick.

Now that you know where to find a Kibi Dango, go back to the dog and give it the treat. Follow it into the back alley and fight off a bunch of enemies. Talk to the dog again, and it will summon the oni which will, in turn, grant you his power. Your reward for completing the mission will be a thousand meika and one Magatama.

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