OTW Shaqiri Fifa 22 - How to complete Ones to Watch Shaqiri SBC

The first SBC ones to watch challenge has arrived with Shaqiri, leaving many people wondering how to complete the OTW – Shaqiri task in FIFA 22. Ones to watch is a spotlight on players who made a transfer during the summer. They get special live items and versions. As Xherdan Shaqiri moved to Lyon from Liverpool, he is the first OTW. Read on as we discuss OTW Shaqiri in FIFA 22 and how to complete the ones to watch.

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OTW Shaqiri Fifa 22 - How to complete Ones to Watch Shaqiri SBC
OTW Shaqiri Fifa 22 – How to complete Ones to Watch Shaqiri SBC

How to Complete Ones to Watch Shaqiri FIFA 22

To complete, you need to take part in two segments, each with two different squads. The first team must have at least one player from Olympique Lyon. The squad rating must be 81 and the team chemistry must be 75. Your reward will be a small electrum players pack.

Your second squad can have lower team chemistry of 70 but needs a higher squad rating of 83. You need to have at least one player from Ligue 1 Conforama. This will reward you with a gold pack and your version of Shaqiri.

Shaqiri is a mixed bag. He is 79 rated though his gold version and normal have the same stats, so EA did not upgrade anything. He has a four-star weak foot and five-star skills. The SBC will cost 16,600 FUT coins on PS, 18,000 on Xbox, and almost 19,000 on PC.

This will expire on September 30th at 1 pm, so you don’t have a lot of time. Shaqiri is the start of an exciting year of OTW challenges in FIFA 22. There were a lot of big transfers in the summer window that must be coming your way soon. Ronaldo and Messi have to be on the horizon, so stop back here for news and updates.

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