Pokemon Go Alolan Meowth Spotlight Hour - Shiny Meowth September 2021

September 2021 sees the shiny Meowth arriving in the Pokemon Go – Alolan Meowth Spotlight Hour. These are weekly events that last for one hour. Each focuses on a particular Pokemon with increased spawn rates and rewards. Combining the previous mystery bonus hours and a new event, it is a great chance to catch rare Pokemon. Read on as we discuss the Alolan Meowth Spotlight Hour and the Shiny Meowth.

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Pokemon Go Alolan Meowth Spotlight Hour - Shiny Meowth September 2021
Pokemon Go Alolan Meowth Spotlight Hour – Shiny Meowth September 2021

Alolan Meowth Spotlight Hour – Pokemon Go

The Alolan Meowth Spotlight Hour Today will begin on Tuesday, September 28th. It starts at 6 pm in your local time and lasts for one quick hour until 7 pm. This event has increased spawn rates for Alolan Meowth. You can also get 2 x transfer candy.

There are many ways you can prepare for the September Pokemon Go Meowth Spotlight Hour event. Make sure you have enough pokeballs and pinap berries before the event begins. Extra ultra balls and razz berries will also come in handy. Finally, clear space in your Pokemon storage box so you don’t waste time doing it during the event.

Can Meowth Be Shiny?

You should stock up on incense and lures because Alolan Meowth can be shiny, and this is your time to catch one! Stick to spawn areas near Pokestops and use incense to increase spawns. This will be your best tactic is you want to grab that elusive Pokemon. Keep in mind that shiny Pokemon are not indicated on the map. During spotlight hour you will have to tap on one to see if it is the rare Alolan Meowth you seek.

This event occurs every week at the same time. Future events are already lined up for October. These include spotlights for Drifloon, Gastly, Gothita, and Murkrow. Most events will provide you with double XP and some even give twice the stardust. Check back here for regular updates.

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